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Our Next ACT Mock Test is Happening in



Allows the instructor to become familiar with the student's ultimate goal and collaboratively formulate a game plan to achieve it.

Congratulations to our seniors on this year's acceptances

Forward-thinking guidance over platitudes and misconceptions

Our Core Values


True understanding over rote memorization


Goal-oriented approach over aimless repetition


Self-confidence over performance anxiety

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Areas of Expertise

Equitas Prep provides the highest caliber of educational support to students of all ages in virtually any academic arena.  Whatever your goals, we can help.



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AP/IB Exams




Academic Advising









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Strategic Planning Session

This session is critical for two reasons:

  1. It allows the instructor to become familiar with the student's ultimate goal and begin working with the student on both content and strategy to achieve it.

  2. It provides the instructor an opportunity to collaboratively formulate a game plan with the student and parent/guardian to maximize the likelihood of achieving the student's goal.


For this reason, we ask that a parent/guardian be present for the first session.

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Ivy+ Accelerator

Tuesdays from 4:00-5:30 PM

An intensive, in-person program led by test prep expert Moshe Ohayon and designed for students whose ACT target score is 32+ and who are aiming for highly selective universities and/or competitive scholarships.

  • One-on-one ACT and SAT strategic tutoring in a small group setting

  • Academic support as well as AP/IB prep

  • Test prep tactics, game planning, and individualized test content review

  • Real-time focus on practice exams

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Private Tutoring

After completing the Strategic Planning Session, work with one of our tutors, either in person or virtually, to begin implementing your individual test prep game plan.


Our instructors specialize in different exams and come from many varied backgrounds, including education, law, medicine, and linguistics. Make sure to check out our different tutoring options to find the tutor who best aligns with your tutoring needs.

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ACT Mock Test

Saturdays from 7:45 AM - 11:30 AM

Our diagnostic ACT Mock Test is a full-length real ACT practice exam that is timed and proctored by experienced staff under simulated test conditions with immediate subsection and composite score results.

We host a Mock Test the Saturday before each National ACT date.  Upcoming Mock Test dates are 7/6/24, 9/7/24, 10/19/24, 12/7/24, 2/1/25, 3/29/25, 6/7/25, and 7/5/25.

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Equity Initiative

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  • Educational opportunities continue to rely on flawed exams, such as ACT and SAT

  • With limited resources, schools struggle to effectively prepare students for these exams

  • Most turn to outside test prep providers, but many families can't afford such an investment

It's time to level the college admissions playing field. 


Nothing means more to us than hearing from our satisfied families about how our services helped them overcome their academic challenges. Check out some of their testimonials below and let us know how we can help you.


Joshua C.
Louisville Male High School

"Don't look anywhere else! You will, no doubt, progress in every aspect of education. From the ACT, AP classes, to just study tips, the staff does an outstanding job of providing a welcoming and top-notch environment for students to learn. Did I mention that with their help I was able to increase 9 points on the ACT! My Equitas Prep experience was nothing short of amazing."

Stella C.
Sacred Heart Academy

"Equitas Prep is the best place to learn all about the ACT. My score would not be anywhere near what it is with out Equitas Prep!!"

Kusum K.
Ballard High School

"I cannot recommend Equitas enough! By assessing every student's strengths and weakness, they create a personalized lesson plan that makes studying for the ACT less daunting, and more effective. My ACT score went up 8 points in the few months I was with them! But Equitas does more than just help with ACT. Equitas sessions are run by professionals, each hailing from years of experience and amazing educational backgrounds. Further, a couple of meetings with Moshe completely altered and enhanced my Common App essay. Without those meetings, I wouldn't have been so confident in submitting my college applications. Whether you are struggling with an AP exam, the ACT, college essays, or even the MCAT, Equitas Prep is a godsend, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to any high schooler. This is THE prep agency."

Aboubacar C.
Central High School

"As a result of prepping for the ACT at Equitas Prep, I increased my score by 11 points. My initial ACT score was a 19. My final ACT score was a 30. I will always be grateful for the innovative approach to education and learning that I was exposed to during my time at Equitas. I would absolutely recommend Equitas Prep to others. The experience was definitely invaluable!"

Sarah W.
Kentucky Country Day

"Many tutoring services claim to help their students ace the ACT, but Equitas Prep instructors actually know those tests inside and out. The tutors want you to score well, of course, but they also want to build you into a great test taker. You learn that no standardized test can beat you if you learn enough about it!"

Jackson P.
duPont Manual High School

"As a result of prepping for the ACT at Equitas Prep, my ACT score helped me get $196,000 in scholarships. I would definitely recommend Equitas to someone looking to improve their ACT score or get help preparing for applications. They were truly invested in my success and were eager to help."

Crawford B.
Kentucky Country Day School

"I went to Equitas as an already good student when it pertains to the ACT and left Equitas as an almost perfect student. My experiences with the staff and tutors were amazing and they really helped to guide me on my next step in the college admission process."


Annie F.

"Hands down, the best place in this city for ACT prep or any test prep for that matter. I have used them for my 3 kids who all had completely different strengths/weaknesses. Not only did their scores on their tests show the expertise in tutoring they received, the learning transferred to the classroom as well. I could not recommend more!"

Peggy C.

"Equitas Prep has been integral in my child's ACT and SAT test prep. The importance of having a tutor who knows exactly what your individual child needs is essential in test prep. Also, the experience of the tutors at Equitas Prep is second to none. Beyond just tutoring, the tutor got to know my student and was so helpful with the whole college process. I recommend using Equitas Prep if you want your child to not only improve scores, but also have a manageable and achievable attitude and experience."

Sarah W.

"Congratulations, you've found the right place for tutoring. There are a million reasons to send your student here. First, their ACT approach is second to none. Equitas Prep will help you whatever your strengths and weaknesses. They will also help you identify key areas for improvement if you don't know where to start. Second, the tutors are specialists. Moshe, the agency's founder, has written ACT prep books you can find on Amazon. His resume speaks for itself. He's dead serious about helping you reach your goals. He communicates well with both students and parents. He holds his entire team to the same high standard. Third, you can trust this agency and therefore grow with this agency. Give Equitas Prep a try and I promise you won't regret it."

Marc G.

"Moshe and Equitas Prep are hands down the best tutoring agency in Louisville. If you are looking for general tutoring, test preparation and maximizing your test scores look no further. A full service agency for help, guidance and most importantly results…Moshe and his amazing team are ready and willing to help his students and most importantly the entire family reach their goals!"

Sarah J.

"My daughter’s ACT score went up 9 points! I cannot recommend this agency highly enough. My daughter has always agonized over standardized test-taking, definitely experiences test anxiety, and felt she did not perform well in previous test prep experiences. She had definitely lost her confidence for test prep/standardized test prep as a result – let me tell you that we were (both!) BLOWN AWAY by the ACT prep at Equitas. I legitimately cannot overstate this. They approach it in a way that is truly unique, simplified, and worked some magic that all but eliminated my daughter’s test-taking anxiety and restored her confidence."

Manning W.

"Equitas Prep did a fabulous job working with our senior in preparation for the ACT. The work was hard, but they made it an enjoyable experience. His score significantly improved. We highly recommend!"





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