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Strategic Planning Session

Collaboratively develop your customized test prep game plan with your tutor


55-minute session with tutor of your choice

Topics Covered
  • Academics/AP class selection

  • Test prep selection

  • Extracurriculars

  • GPA requirements for college admissions

  • Recommendation for ideal test prep timeline in order to reach target score

Materials Needed

Any previous ACT, SAT, PreACT, or PSAT scores

A Unique Test Prep Game Plan for Every Student

The Strategic Planning Session is an opportunity for the student, parent(s), and tutor to collaboratively develop a game plan to help ensure the student gets the score they need to reach their goals. Whether they are aiming for a specific scholarship, want to get accepted into a prestigious university, or simply hope to reach their full test prep potential so the right door is open when the time comes, we are here to help.

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