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Strategic Planning Session

Collaboratively develop your customized test prep game plan with your tutor


55-minute session with tutor of your choice

Topics Covered
  • Academics/AP class selection

  • Test prep selection

  • Extracurriculars

  • GPA requirements for college admissions

  • Recommendation for ideal test prep timeline in order to reach target score

Materials Needed

Any previous ACT, SAT, PreACT, or PSAT scores


A Unique Test Prep Game Plan for Every Student

The Strategic Planning Session is an opportunity for the student, parent(s), and tutor to collaboratively develop a game plan to help ensure the student gets the score they need to reach their goals. Whether they are aiming for a specific scholarship, want to get accepted into a prestigious university, or simply hope to reach their full test prep potential so the right door is open when the time comes, we are here to help.

Interested in an S.P.S.?

If you are interested in scheduling a Strategic Planning Session with our expert instructors, please fill out the S.P.S. interest form and our Academic Coordinator, Teagan, will reach out to you soon to schedule! 


Thanks! Teagan, our Academic Coordinator, will reach out to you soon!

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