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ACT Mock Test

Our diagnostic Mock Test is a full-length real ACT practice exam that is timed and proctored by experienced staff under simulated test conditions with immediate subsection and composite score results. Students in our Equity Initiative program are required to have a baseline score and highly encouraged to track their progress throughout their test prep journey with a combination of mock and official ACT exams.

Understand Where You're Starting to Figure Out Where You Want to Go and How to Get There

Value per Exam

Our ACT Mock Test provides students with a comprehensive understanding of how they would score on an official exam without any test prep. This "baseline" score give them the information they need to focus on the subjects they struggled with the most while simultaneously fine-tuning their stronger scores. 


Track Your Ongoing Progress to Remember How Far You've Come

Our ACT Mock Test is also a great opportunity for students further along on their test prep journey. It provides valuable insight into how their knowledge and performance in each subject has changed or remained the same over time. Understanding their progress allows the student to adjust their test prep plan as needed to give them the best chance of achieving their target score.

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