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ACT Intensive Tutoring

It's time to level the college admissions playing field

Educational opportunities continue to rely on flawed exams, such as ACT and SAT. With limited resources, schools struggle to effectively prepare students for these exams. Most turn to outside test prep providers, but many families can't afford such an investment. In response, the Louisville Urban League and Equitas Prep are partnering to provide JCPS students the best tutoring experience in Louisville at no cost to families.

If your student is eligible and wants to get started, sign up as soon as possible since the number of fully-funded scholarships are limited.
If you want to nominate a student who you believe would be a good fit for this program, we encourage you to do so!
A limited
number of
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Only 45 Scholarships Remaining

Participation Criteria
  • Participants must be JCPS students in grades 9-12.

  • Preference will be given to students of color.

  • Preference will be given to students who have a demonstrated financial need (whose family wouldn't normally be able to acquire private tutoring).

  • Preference will be given to students to attend low performance schools.

  • Students must have dedicated attendance (once a week) for the duration of the school year.

  • Students are required to either provide past ACT scores or take one of our Mock Tests to establish their baseline score prior to participation in the program.

  • Students must complete all ACT practice sections.

  • Students must commit to taking the ACT at least three times during the school year (funding for the registration fee is available).

  • Families are responsible for transportation, but financial support is offered on a case-by-case basis.

Current School Participation
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Please contact our Tutoring Coordinator, Jillian Southworth, if you are already enrolled in the program and need to switch your assigned day.



We love hearing from students about how this program helped them reach their academic goals. Check out some of their testimonials below to see if this program might be a good match for you!


Adja G.
Central Magnet Career Academy


"I am really thankful for this program. In the beginning, I would spend so much time rethinking every answer but now this program has improved my confidence and even my speed. Not only is ACT really helpful but also really enjoyable. I have enjoyed learning from such great tutors who make learning so fun and rewarding."

A'nya E.
duPont Manual High School

"I have enjoyed the helpful strategies and practice on the ACT that I have received. Without this program, I would have never had the opportunity to learn how to tackle the ACT on my own. This ACT prep has helped me raise my score, which improves my chances when applying to college and scholarships."


Braden O.
Atherton High School

"I have enjoyed how easy it is to follow along with the lessons. I believe the main way I have grown from this program is by becoming more open to help. I'm not against asking for help, but sometimes it can subconsciously lower my self-esteem by making me feel subpar. However, with this program, I never felt that way. It wasn't a burden to ask for help, which helped keep me engaged and enthusiastic about the lessons. I am also very grateful for the patience of the teachers. They are intelligent in the way that they present not only their lessons, but themselves as well, yet they are always willing to take extra time to make sure you fully comprehend a subject."


Celia G.
Jeffersontown High School

"Being in this program improves me academically more than I could ever imagine. When I entered into this program my mindset ('I could pass the ACT without this program,' 'this is a waste of time,' 'I could do other things right now') kept me from enjoying it. I realize this program is teaching me things way more profoundly than my current teachers. I'm not going to lie, taking the mock test humbled me and at that point I realized how beneficial this program is."


Christiane C.
Jeffersontown High School

"I have enjoyed many things about the ACT program! We have wonderful teachers, who are kind, patient, very knowledgeable, and helpful! I love that I have increased my score! My starting score was a 13, and my current score is an 18!"


Kendra Q.
Fern Creek High School


"I have enjoyed getting to gain skills to help prepare me for not only the ACT but for other tests that I'll take in the future. The sessions are fun and interactive; we're able to learn in a fun and engaging way. The reward system also helps encourage us because not only are we working towards outstanding test scores, we're also working towards the amazing prizes! Through this program, I've grown as a student who enjoys learning even more. I am such a perfectionist and hate to get things wrong, but as I've been attending this program I've learned to accept my mistakes and turn them into learning opportunities."

Kenzleigh L.
Atherton High School

"I have enjoyed getting to meet new people and learning so much from the instructors. They're not just teaching us how to take the ACT, but also life lessons as well. I also appreciate how understanding and how easy they are to work with. I've grown as a student because I've learned many skills that I can use during school and also take with me to college and after college. I have already made improvements, but I know I will make even bigger ones in the future."


Pranjal S.
Ballard High School

"The program has given me immense insight on different strategies to use during the test, some that I’ve never heard of before. The teachers are extremely kind, understanding and patient. They helped me understand concepts no matter how many times I asked them to and guided me through my prep. The program has helped many students who cannot afford expensive ACT courses with something that is available to everyone and at the same time is as good as those courses. They understand the problems faced by students and take action to help them every step of the way."


Warda M.
Central Magnet Career Academy

"This program is amazing and genuinely helps with not only an increasing ACT score, but it helps students overall. Learning about the English section of the ACT has made me a better writer. During school when it came to essays, I was more critical of the structures of my sentences and certain phrases. I would find myself and my friends referencing back to things we learned during class in order to correct our writing."


Latasha B.

"I have enjoyed watching her learn to navigate the ACT test and the confidence in her ability as she learns more about the test. I have seen the results of the tutoring sessions. Her score has increased 8 points from her initial exam when she started the program."


Get in Touch

(502) 209-9189

3029 W Muhammad Ali Blvd, Louisville, KY 40212

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