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Calculator Hacks

Harness the power of your calculator and increase your Math score with this powerful three-part course. Bring your TI-84 Plus CE and get ready to learn about absolute value, factorial expressions, and logarithms, just to name a few!

Materials Needed

TI-84 Plus CE

Topics Covered
  • Absolute value

  • Fractions & decimals

  • Square & cube roots

  • LCM & GCF

  • Factorial expressions

  • Logarithms

  • Linear equations

  • Quadratic equations

  • Midpoints of segments

  • Systems of equations

  • Trigonometric equations

  • Complex numbers

  • Equivalency questions

  • Exponential equations

1-on-1 vs ACT Accelerator Chart-2.png
  • Polynomial roots

  • Matrices

  • Sequences

  • Domain and range by graphing

  • Geometrical approximation

  • Inequalities

  • Radians & degrees

1-on-1 vs ACT Accelerator Chart-3.png

Thanks! Jillian, our Tutoring Coordinator, will contact you when the next Crash Course is scheduled.

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